Meet Ceridwyn Brent

Ceri was born to David and Marion Brent on the evening of October 31st, 1986 at home in the small Welsh town of Bala. They named her Ceridwyn because the fae who lives in Bala Lake said it was appropriate. Soon after she was born, the family moved to a house in London because her parents were rapidly becoming well-known as enchanters to the rich and famous. People expected that Ceri would follow in her parents’ footsteps, but instead she turned out to have no magical talent at all. To keep her safe, Ceri’s parents used all their skill to craft an enchantment which would protect their daughter from just about everything. And then they died in a car crash leaving Ceri with a big house and no desire to step outside it.

It was not until she had been hiding in her home, barely ever going out, for over a year that she ran into Lily, a half-demon looking for a place to stay while she rebuilt her own life. They helped each other. Lily learned to live a relatively normal life. Ceri went to university and managed to get graduate and a Masters degrees in Thaumatology, the science of magic. Despite all that she still lacks confidence in herself and it took all Lily’s persuasive nature to get Ceri to apply for a job as research assistant to the London Metropolitan University’s head thaumatology researcher. Of course, she fluffed the interview. She just knows she did. She knew just as much about quantum thaumatology as Doctor Tennant and there’s no way Tennant would want a competent research assistant, is there?


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