Meet Lily Carpenter

Lily Carpenter was never a normal girl. Her mother’s pregnancy lasted three months and when Lily hit puberty she turned from a pretty child into a walking sex doll. Supernaturally attractive, Lily soon started falling into bed with anyone she could find. They always enjoyed it, but they always came away feeling… drained. Her mother knew what she was, and when her father turned up on the doorstep, so did Lily.

Being a half-succubus seems like an awesome idea, but Lily is not terribly fond of it. The people around her treated her like an object. When she ran away to London she fell into prostitution and illegal porn movies. Her life was on the slippery slope to destruction. And then she met Carter Fleming who offered her a job at his club and things started looking up.

After bumping into Ceri in a supermarket, Lily moved in with her. Ceri had one important thing about her which made her wonderful in Lily’s eyes; her enchantment. Unaffected by Lily’s magic, Ceri just saw her as a friend. Lily’s down to Earth nature brought Ceri out of her shell, and Ceri gave Lily a reason to stay on the waggon.

Yes, Lily is half-demon, and her demon side can be very assertive at times, but she’s also a perfectly normal girl who needs a friend.

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