Meet the Bosses

Doctor Cheryl Tennant is Ceri’s boss, the head researcher in thaumatology at the London Metropolitan University. Her red hair matches her temper and she’s noted for getting very displeased with students who don’t pull their weight. On the other hand, she has the same passion for scientific discovery that Ceri does.

The owner of the Jade Dragon, Carter Fleming, is a millionaire, a playboy, a man who sleeps with a different woman every night. On the other hand, he supported Lily when she started cleaning her life up, and he made an endowment to the LMU to let Cheryl hire a new research assistant. His background is a bit shadowed; it’s said he earned his first million in a demonic pact, and he looks pretty young for a man in his fifties. So, who is Carter Fleming and what is he up to?

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