History: The Shattering

The defining event in the Thaumatology universe is known as The Shattering, but what is it and what happened?

The fundamental difference between our world and theirs is that magic has always had some influence on events there. It is a real force, governed by physical laws, but the actual strength of the magical field around the Earth has varied over time. The last time it had any real strength was during the Dark Ages. Recorded history considered magic to be something superstitious people believed in, a matter of legend. Things like werewolves and vampires were myths.

However, some thought magic was real, and discovered ancient texts which described its use. One such group was the Thule Society, an Aryan suprematist organisation who would have vanished into the realms of other secret societies with wild ideas if a German named Adolf Hitler had not taken an interest in their views. The Thules had little effect on the war, right up until the end. Then they changed the world forever.

After the Allied bombing of Dresden, Hitler authorised a Thule Society project to build a Doomsday weapon. Combining science and demonic enchantment, they managed to build four bombs; nuclear weapons which utilised magic to create the implosion needed to force a fission reaction. On April 28th, 1945, with Russian forces closing in on Berlin, Hitler initiated his ultimate retaliation. Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, and Munich are destroyed in titanic explosions which not only cause huge destruction, but crack the world. A rift opens, splitting Europe in half. Raw, uncontrolled magic spills into the world. On the eastern side of the rift, demons flood out. The Soviet army is torn apart, Italy rapidly falls prey to the demon hordes. The rift eventually seems to close in June, though the area remains a no-go zone, subject to weird happenings. Still, it all might have stopped there if the war had not been continuing on the other side of the world.

On July 16th, a nuclear bomb was set off at the Trinity Test Site in New Mexico. There was no magic involved, but the massive burst of energy combined with the weakened reality punched another hole in the world. A twenty-mile high tornado of shrieking energy grows above the site of the explosion. Native American mystics across the south west discover that their ceremonies have begun to work. Several towns in New Mexico are attacked by “monsters and horrors out of legend.” Desperate to get their forces out of the Pacific, the United States drop a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima.

On August 7th 1945 a sound like no other is heard all around the world as a huge rift opens from Hiroshima, around the Ring of Fire, and across America to the Trinity Tornado. The German Rift reopens; demons flood eastern Europe, fae rush into the west. It is not until May of 1950, with the help of the fae, that the ensuing chaos is brought under control, but something about the world has been irrevocably changed. Magic is once again ubiquitous and beings once thought of as legend walk the streets.

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