Monday Lunchtime: The Musing

I’m bored and eating a rather dry chicken sandwich. It’s Monday, never a good day. This one started out with a headache and an unexpected network outage in the office. That’s just no way to go.

And then, suddenly, I got a notification from Smashwords that someone bought Thaumatology 101. (At this point, I’m sufficiently egocentric and downright insecure enough to leave the individual sale notifications on.) Of course, I don’t know who you are, mystery buyer, but I suspect you’re the person who came here via Tera’s Succubus Wiki, which is way cool because it just proves word of mouth is an awesome sales mechanism.

Whoever you are, oh mystery buyer, know that you cheared up my Monday morning, thus adding to the happiness of the world. Now isn’t that nice to know?


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