Demon’s Moon hits draft 2

So, this weekend I took an extra day off and went through Draft 2 of the second Thaumatology book, Demon’s Moon. Back when I was writing the first draft, this one was called Hunter’s Moon, but I decided that that was a little too cliche, and also not really quite accurate. This novel is undergoing far more revision than the first book did before it went to “press;” this draft split one of the sections in two to improve the flow.

The basic plot for book two revolves around Ceridwyn’s PhD thesis on the metaphysics of the werewolf transformation process. All she has to do is gather together a load of werewolves, stick them in front of a high-resolution, slit-scan, digital thaumometer, and instant research project! Easy, right? Of course, then she lets her curiosity about werewolves get the better of him and it all gets complicated.

So, Demon’s Moon… probably about a month away from final draft. Definitely in the shops for Christmas.

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