Magic in the Thaumatology Universe: Demons!

So you want to be a wizard and you just can’t quite cut it. What can you do to give you an edge and make you the toughest practitioner on the block?

Well, just about everyone can manage a demon summoning spell. If you’re smart then you make sure you can also cast a summoning circle, but if you’re dumb enough to do a summoning without… don’t worry too much. A lot of demons are really pretty friendly, not like the ones you read about in stories and hear of in legend. They’re here to help. Really.

Ultimately what a demon wants from a magician is a pact. The magician binds his soul to the demon and gains a lot of power. The demon can funnel thaumic energy from his reality to the mage’s. All that strenuous effort casting spells is a lot easier when you’ve got a demon helping you. They’ll even teach you how to do spells without any effort, and teach you spells some humans have never even heard of. You can have the power of the great sorcerers of old! You can make armies run before you! No one can stand against your god-like power!

And right about the time you start believing that, you suddenly realise that you’re so twisted out of shape that you’re doing whatever the demon wants you to do. No one knows exactly what happens when a pacted magician dies, but it probably isn’t nice.

In case you were wondering, yes, you can form pacts with a few other creatures. Some spirits, gods, angels, and even some ancient fae can provide similar services, and can even be easier to find so you can make the pact. If you think being the finger-puppet of an angel sounds like a much better bet than pacting with a demon… grow up!

2 thoughts on “Magic in the Thaumatology Universe: Demons!

    • Well…
      1. Find the fine print.
      2. Learn a dialect of a dead demonic language used only in demon legalistic documents.
      3. Figure out what the translation actually means.
      4. Discover you lost your soul five years ago while trying to do all that…

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