Here be Demons

Demons, what are they? Well, it’s a good question and, aside from a few basic facts and some taxonomy, demons are a bit of a mystery.

What is known is that demons are creatures from another universe, a different p-brane in physics terms. It’s thought that the ease of travel between our world and theirs has varied over time, and it has been much easier to hop between branes since the Shattering. The demon world is filled with magic and demons have evolved to live off it. Their society is based around the the aquisition of it as well and it’s thought that demons are attracted to powerful magicians on Earth because of their attraction to magic at home. Demons are easy to summon, and some believe that the demons themselves somehow arranged that; not a nice thought, perhaps.

Demons are a varied bunch, from the classic, horned-and-hooved Devos, to the brutish Dakag, to the shape-shifting, unnaturally attractive incubi/succubi. Each demon has its own ecological niche at home, and its own use when summoned. The most commonly summoned demon is one which is almost never seen. Known only as “Tempters,” these immaterial creatures are the demons most commonly found selling pacts or possessing humans.

What do demons want? Why are the so willing to “help” humans get what they want? No one really knows. The demons aren’t lining up to sit for psychiatrists and anyone crazy enough to attempt to study them on their home ground has never been heard from again. The remain an enigmatic, dangerous force, though whether they can actually be described as evil is open to question.


One thought on “Here be Demons

  1. Of course what they are isn’t as important as what they want exactly isn’t it? I am quite sure that each and every one of them have their own goals and plans, and there are I think clues of that in your first book. The question becomes whether or not there is anyone, or anything for that matter, that is in “charge”… interesting question to ponder until the next book isn’t it?

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