Black Lily

I’m being experimental. I’m putting up some short stories about the various characters from the Thaumatology Series over on Wattpad. The first of these is now up and it’s about Lily before she ever met Ceri or Carter. I hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Black Lily

  1. One question and I mean this quite seriously…

    Why not publish them as free works on Smashwords?

    It would give you more exposure and there are a number of short free stories published there…

    Just a thought…

    • The plan is to write several, collect them together, and put them up free on Smashwords.
      Smashwords is great and all, but it’s a lot of work for really short pieces like this one.

      • Ahhh… I didn’t expect that they made it that difficult to publish for you…

        Now I have a predicament… Stop reading Book 2 and peek in on Lily’s past or not…

        Very very evil of you…


      • It’s not ‘hard’ but the overheads are a little excessive for a short, IMHO.

        Yes, I am evil. I can get testimonials to the effect from various people I’ve roleplayed with. 😉

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