The Pirate and the Fantasy Floozy

This is how my fevered mind works, okay? I had these gorgeous outfits, but you really wouldn’t be seeing Ceri or Lily wearing them. I mean, they belong in a classic fantasy story, right? Elves, knights, some guy with biceps four times larger than his brain swinging a greatsword like a butterkinfe. Yeah, that’s the kind of thing.

But… I actually have a plotline worked out which could see the girls dressed like this. Because I’m that strange. It is amazing what can suddenly give you some clever, off-the-wall, but potentially interesting, idea for a story. It may never get written, but the picture is worth it.

Oh, Ceri is wondering how come Lily got the cool pirate outfit and she’s dressed as some sort of fantasy hooker.

Larger version over at DeviantArt:

And if anyone has any weird inspirational sources, post them.


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