Cover Art Quandry

So the plan is to release a small anothology of short stories this month. The stories are written; they just need some proof reading, so that’s all good…

The problem is the cover. I do my own covers. I have several of the characters as 3D models (I blame never having a Barbie to play with when I was a kid), and I create scenes in DAZ Studio for the cover art then rescale, put in lettering, a Bob’s the husband of your aunt. I had no real trouble with the first three books (aside from technical ones; getting the shadowy figure in the back of the Legacy cover right was not so easy). Dragon’s Blood refused to come until I had a bright idea. Book 5’s first attempt didn’t work, but the second try is looking good (you may get to see it soon if I continue to like it).

But I don’t have a clue for the anthology cover!

Does anyone have any bright ideas? Any characters you might like to see? An idea for some random art with Ceri and Lily? (Otherwise I’ll have to produce some random art anyway.) And no, I can’t do anything like that… pfft! Dirty minded so-and-so… 😉

2 thoughts on “Cover Art Quandry

  1. It’s not a dirty thought.. well… No, not the next one, the one that first came to me with Lily, Ceri and a tub of ice cream… Okay not really that much but still…

    Seriously though, what about an image of Ceri, Lily and Twill in the library at home? Ceri in her chair, Lily next to her on the rug or sitting on the armrest, and Twill making a book or two shelve themselves?

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