A sudden, horrifying, thought has just hit me as I contemplate the release of Dragon’s Blood… I’m going to have to write the back cover blurb! (Please imagine ominous horror movie music playing in the background; it’ll heighten the effect.)

I really hate writing blurb. Smashwords is really mean, I have to write a short blurb and a long blurb. How mean is that?! Still, the short blurb can be a straight teaser, so not too bad. The long blurb, which I’ll then use as the description for Amazon, somehow I’ve got to try to persuade people to read the book, but not give the game away. How much is too much? For that matter, how much is too little?! I still haven’t come up with any system for creating it so if anyone has genius advice on crafting blurb, spill… please? (I’d do puppy-dog eyes, but they don’t work in text.)

I hate writing blurb. Pity me!

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