I haven’t done one of these character entry for a while, so let’s say hello to Michael.

The son of the Alpha werewolf of the Brecon pack, Michael’s mother was a human who died giving birth to him. His father could never quite forgive him for that, and he had two other brothers who were full-blooded werewolves. Michael left the pack as soon as he was old enough, running away to London where he eventually met Alexandra and joined the Battersea pack. He is now a member of Alexandra’s Guard, a position of responsibility he would never have expected a few years ago.

When Ceri decided to join the Battersea pack for research purposes, Michael fell for her despite the fact that she was human and he knew how that could work out. Ceri fell for him, despite the age difference; Michael’s seven years younger than her (I think it shows in his face) and she sometimes thinks of herself as a cradle robber.

The picture shows Michael around the time of Demon’s Moon. This is the outfit he’s wearing when we first meet him in human form. His confidence is growing the more he spends time around Ceri and Lily, and his available wardrobe is growing too – you can’t go out to night clubs dressed as “Skater Dude.”

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