Faran (and More Reviews)

Lily Carpenter’s father is not your typical dad. He can change shape, make people feel really good just by seeing him, and drain energy from them during sex. Faran is an incubus (when he’s not a succubus).

Faran, aka Helfaran Gef Nartharoll, was summoned to Earth around Christmas 1984 by a bunch of students after a good time. One of them, Sally Carpenter, a witch, got more than she bargained for when she gave birth to a healthy, if underweight, baby girl three months later. By then Faran was back in the demon’s realm and it was years before Faran was summoned again. The birth of his half-demon child gave him a link to Earth, allowing him to stay, and for several years he was the perfect father. Then the link between them started driving a teenage Lily to more and more wild behaviour, and eventually Sally had to have him banished.

The experience left Lily with a profound fear of what might happen if Faran ever returned to Earth. If you want to know what happens when he does, then you should read Legacy, the third book in the Thaumatology series.

In other news, you’ll find short reviews of Thaumatology 101 and Tales from High Towers’ Study over in Smashwords by Ellen J. Miller. Ellen is a friend, but she likes the books anyway. She’s also my chief sanity checker. If she thinks I’ve gone off the deep end with any of these books, I know I need a rewrite.

Check here: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Thaumatologist


4 thoughts on “Faran (and More Reviews)

    • If you read something like the Malleus Maleficarum (which I wouldn’t recommend, btw) you’ll find a common idea was that incubi and succubi were actually the same thing. The Malleus puts forward an idea, which may have been equally common, that incubi are able to father children because of their ability to collect semen in the form of a succubus and then inseminate women with it in the form of an incubus. The Thaumatology incubi/succubi follow that pattern. The Devotik (common demon language) name for them is Lorril, they are a single, asexual species able to take any form they wish to attract a victim.
      Faran usually gets referred to as an incubus because he’s Lily’s “father” and usually appears as a male. Technically, if he goes out hunting as a female, however, he would be a succubus. It’s the difference between English (or Latin) definitions and (obviously fictional) reality.
      Also, of course, modern versions of incubi and succubi don’t tend to shift sex which colours people’s perception of them.

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