Hype. There’s a lot of it about these days. The latest super-cool movie you must see, the latest novel by that oh-so-awesome author which you must read. I can’t possibly be the only person who gets irritated when the media circus comes to town and all I see anywhere is adverts for some movie or other, but how many people finding themselves actively put off a product the more it’s hyped by publishers, studios, and even fans?

It seems like the more people throw effusive praise for something at me, the less I want to see it. It’s getting paralysing. So many things are hyped out the ying-yang these days that it’s becoming difficult to find things to actually go see or read!

Harry Potter! J.K’s stuff did not exactly fall into my reading bracket anyway, but the more it was hyped up, the less I wanted to touch it.

Twighlight. I have actually read (well, listened to) the first chapter or so of the first book (it was free) and I decided it wasn’t for me. I’ve never seen any of the films however, even free on TV, because of the hype!

And now we have The Hunger Games. Another theoretically in my sector book series I won’t touch, and the films can certainly go hang themselves (there will be more!) because I’m getting told from all over that they’re awesome. Go away! Give me a well thought out review to persuade me to try them and then present me with a good read.

Stop the hype!

End rant-mode and start discussion… Well, if you’d like to discuss your reaction to hype. I don’t want to over-hype anything here…


3 thoughts on “Hype-inactive

  1. You’ve got to check out this rant on hype by Niall, it’s so amazing! A definite must-read! If you read one rant this year, make it this one. Rant of the year. Rant of the decade!

    😀 Don’t send Lily after me.

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