Too Risque?

Okay, readers, I’m trying to come up with a cover for the sixth Thaumatology book, Hammer of Witches. This is what I’ve got, but the question is, too risque? Your opinions sought.

PS. This isn’t the final version if I do continue with it. It needs some additional work, but I wanted to see how the fire effect would look and work out whether it was a good plan to go with.

2 thoughts on “Too Risque?

  1. It really doesn’t show all that much honestly, but, if you are concerned, what about wrapping a ring of fire around her body in sort of a corkscrew shape? You can make patterns in the fire that would make her more private parts harder to see?

    • I think I’m going to do something with her legs. More flame is required.
      You can see a bit more when you’re looking at the full-size rendered version at 4000 pixels on the long side. There’s a bit of nipple in there if you look carefully. (Yes, I do know people who would zoom the picture in to find the nipple. :s)
      Unless I can think of some enormously clever alternative, I think this is going to be the basis for the book cover.

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