Progress Update

In the last 25 hours I have:

  • Finished the first draft of Book 7.
  • Done a second read through of Book 6, Hammer of Witches.
  • Written a new short story, Hunt.

I’m feeling vaguely accomplished. Book 7 now has a working title, Eagle’s Shadow, which it didn’t have yesterday. My wonderful proofreader/sanity evaluator, Ellen, came up with that one after her read through. I was having no luck coming up with anything and it’s a damn good title!

Book 6 looks like it will be out toward the end of April. It should be ready for then assuming I don’t decide on any rewrites.

I’m going to try to take a short break from writing the novels. I plan to do some short stories for the next anthology and catch up on my list of books-to-read. I’ll never catch up with the Hollows series if I don’t get on with reading them! Of course, the last time I said I’d take a break from writing, I did actually read a book, but I also wrote 40,000 words in two weeks…

4 thoughts on “Progress Update

  1. you are a exelent writer thats for sure i have read all 5 boks so far in 2 days time i think ^^ it is some of the best books i have ever read =)

    keep upp the good work i am addicted to ceri and lily i totaly love them 😀

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