Bad Girls

Over the last week or so I’ve been creating new models of Ceri and Lily using the latest technology from DAZ 3D, Genesis. Genesis uses various new tricks of the trade, including weight-mapping, which should give smoother, more natural, joint bends. I also picked up some really good shaders for various forms of metal and other surfaces, including some really very good latex surface shaders; Ceri’s dress and Lily’s bra have benefitted from those.

Looking closely (I recommend the full-size version on Deviant Art:, you can see Ceri’s dragon tattoo here. You may also be thinking, “Her hair is longer!” Well, yes; that’s a sneak peek at book 7, where she grows it. Bad Girls is the name of the first part of book 6, Hammer of Witches. Make of that what you will.

And now I’m off to render this as a desktop backdrop. I rather like how it came out.

4 thoughts on “Bad Girls

    • I matched the neights of the models pretty carefully. Lily’s heels are a good 2-3 inches higher than Ceri’s. I think that’s making the difference.

  1. Sorry I checked Disturbia again and i had missed the shoe difference.
    I like the story line and am eagerly waiting for book 6 & 7.

    • No need for the apology, I had to give it a think myself. I remember matching up the heights, partially because I did tweak Lily’s legs a bit; they’re longer in proportion to her body, which is how they should be. The biggest difference is actually Ceri’s face; Genesis facial morphs have some significant differences from the old V4 technology. Lily boobs are probably a little different too.

      I’m glad you like the stories. Number 6 should be out at the end of the month.

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