Hammer of Witches

The sixth of the Thaumatology Books is now out on Smashwords. Amazon will follow later today (they have a longer publishing process).

 Ceri Brent and Lily Carpenter, a sorceress and a half-succubus, are new to police work after becoming Special Advisors to the Greycoats, but when Ceri and her werewolf mate, Michael, find a charred corpse she finds herself frozen out of the investigation. As the bodies pile up they begin to investigate anyway, especially when their friends are threatened by the Witch Hunter’s widening list of criminals to be tried, convicted, and burned alive.
But the Witch Hunter appears to have divine help and Ceri’s faith will be tested to the limit before he can be finally brought to justice. What can a girl who stopped going to church at the age of seven have faith in when the country is invaded by angels?

To buy from Smashwords at half price until May 5th, use coupon code JA73H at the checkout.

Hope you enjoy it.

(Amazon took even longer to publish than usual, but for those waiting, it’s finally there.)


5 thoughts on “Hammer of Witches

  1. (Note from the author: SPOILERS!!!)

    Another god book in the series i must say 🙂 but i have to admitt i felt there somthing in this one missing , and that is lily’s story / reaction from ceri’s kidnapping since the love and bond they have. I hope You Will write somthing about that sometime maybe in a short story or somthing like that 🙂 but still i enjoyd it emensly thank You 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      The main arc stories are all told from Ceri’s viewpoint, so if she’s not there, we don’t know about it. There have been I’ve considered breaking that, and this was one of those. However, from another standpoint (which I admit didn’t occur to me, a friend pointed it out) only getting the story from Ceri’s viewpoint seems to increase her isolation. She’s alone, helpless, and doesn’t know what’s happening outside.
      Having said all that, I’m eventually going to break the “Ceri’s viewpoint” rule, but you have to wait for books 9 and 10 for that to happen.

      • Well i can se why its only ceri view but at the same time lily is sutch a big part of ceri so it had ben disirable to get lily s view on it too , maybe as a shortstory :p But thats just wishfull thinking from me 😉

        But it is true it wil serve to increse the isolation to some point i agree, but on another side feeling lilly’s angsiety and fear for ceri can also make it more real. So i guess it can be a realy hard chose.

        Im anyways egerly waiting for the next book 😀

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