Happy Beltaine

The one big thing I dislike Communism for is turning May Day into a labour related, or downright communist, festival. (Yes, the threat of nuclear war and stuff, but that didn’t happen and I’ve heard people arguing that May Day holidays should be banned as cummunist!)

May Day, Beltaine, goes back a lot further than Soviet Russia and I think we should reclaim it. It’s half-way through the Celtic year. It’s a fire and fertility fastival. Virgins were probably not sacrificed, but virginity may have been on occasion. In the fictional world of the Thaumatology universe, Ceri and Lily would have been up on the roof of their home at dawn celebrating (and then they would have gone down to their bedroom to continue celebrating). So if you’ve got someone to celebrate the coming summer with, why wait?! Light a candle or two and… celebrate some fertility!

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