The Perils of Imagination

I’m having trouble with my writing. What kind of trouble? Imagination. It’s terrible. Ideas are a terrible thing when you have work to do. So, I thought you might like to meet the girl who’s been stopping me writing about Ceri and Lily.

This is Alexis (the one on the left) and the hulking brute behind her as a villain. The render was done so I could get the scale right. I’ve been hitting a bit of a slow patch writing book 8 and Alexis is giving me a rest.

Some of the people who know me might think she looks familiar. Alexis is an incarnation of a City of Heroes MMO character I used to play a lot. She’s a cyborg with odd eyes. She is a little different from that old character, but she does have a talent for electronics and a big gun. If I can get her story right, it might make it into print, though it’s a lot different from the Thaumatology books. Don’t worry, Ceri and Lily will be back on my word processor soon enough.

One thought on “The Perils of Imagination

  1. The fine line between ‘I have nothing to work with’ and ‘Too many ideas’, I know it well. I have several settings and characters floating about my head at any one time. Still, look at it this way, over what, almost a year you’ve done seven Thaumatology books and two Thaumatology anthologies Nothing wrong with a little rest from the setting. 😀

    Though if you ever need a threat to get back to writing I could inundate you with terrible T101 fan fiction. ‘The Welsh Bloodsucker’, where Ceri is turned into a vampire and proceeds to sire those ladies close to her to form some sort of haemophillic, homoerotic harem. Or ‘Lily Licks London’.

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