Progress Report

I’m sure you’ll be happy to learn that I’ve got my fantasy on again. This weekend I did a read-through of Book 7, Eagle’s Shadow. I’d estimate that it will be coming out in print around the end of June. The cover art for it is done, I think, but I won’t be revealing that for a couple of weeks.

Book 8 is probably around 50-65% complete. It’s going to be called Ancient, and I leave it up to you to guess what it might be about; no clues yet.

Beyond that, Books 9 and 10 are in planning. I admit that I generally start off these books with a good idea of where they’re going, and then I see where the idea takes me. Books 9 and 10 need to be planned out a little more carefully, specially 9. They may take a little longer to write than the previous books.


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