Iron Sky, or How can you possibly go wrong with Space Nazis?

I’m having a few days off and a bit of movie watching is a must so I picked up Iron Sky on Blue-Ray. I have no idea how widely available this thing is, but if you can get a copy and you’re into the mildly absurd, watch it.

Basic premise: At the end of World War II a bunch of Nazis fled Germany and built a base on the far side of the moon. There they have been biding their time, ready to come back and take over the world.

Our heroine is a German actress named Julia Dietze, who is gorgeous, playing Renate Richter, a teacher who has been brought up to believe Nazi rhetoric. She actually believes that they are going to return to Earth to bring peace and harmony. To indicate how daft this film can get, in one of her earlier scenes she gets sucked through an airlock and half her clothes get sucked off; it’s so Benny Hill my sides hurt. My one regret, however, was that Udo Kier did not have a slightly larger role. Kier plays the Moon Führer (I’m not kidding!) and the man is awesome; typecast, but awesome.

The movie is cynical, funny, and jam-packed with retro-tech sci-fi. Good fun. I enjoyed it.


5 thoughts on “Iron Sky, or How can you possibly go wrong with Space Nazis?

  1. Haven’t seen this one as yet, but looking on Wikipedia about the plot, it really sounds like first rate B movie material that’s soon to be on the All B Movie Channel. All B Movies, 24 hours a day…

    • Yeah, it’s definitely got that B-movie feel to it, but thanks to a good cast and modern CGI it looks like an A-lister. Did I mention it has a Mad Scientist?

  2. Glorious! I hope someone was happy to discover this page (though I somehow doubt it) after searching for “julia dietze airlock scene in iron sky”. It was a gloriously silly scene, but I suspect they were looking for video of young blondes in 40s underwear. 🙂

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