This is Getting Tough

I’m having fun with Ancient. The villain’s gone and done stuff I didn’t expect him to and he’s changed the long term plot some. Now I have to decide whether to back it up and work through it again, or go with the new plotline, which I have to admit I rather like.

I think it’s down to the fact that the long term plot is sliding into home plate (to use a baseball metaphore, which I shouldn’t, I’m British!). It means I have to be extra careful about getting things right or the wrap-up will likely fall flat. Which sucks since I keep second guessing myself.

So, next weekend I’m going to go over Eagle’s Shadow again, preparatory to releasing it. I think it should be hitting the shops around the 23rd. Then it might be a longer wait for Ancient, but hopefully it’ll be worth waiting for and the result will be three books coming up which should work all the better for it.

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