Coming Up Behind Myself

If you’ve been reading the Thaumatology books (which would be very nice of you, I appreciate it a lot) then you’ll know that the first of them takes place in 2010 and then they proceed through time from there. Since I’m writing them relatively swiftly, I’ve been steadily catching up on myself until, at the moment, while writing book 8, Ancient, I’m actually more or less writing in real time.

It’s weird! On Sunday I was writing stuff that was happening on Sunday. Yesterday I wrote a scene which took place yesterday. Today I’ll be writing a rather big finale scene which happens today! I dunno, it feels kind of strange when I write in a date and I don’t have to check the calendar I have in my notes because it’s today. Today, Ceri and Lily are going to… Yeah, not going to say what they’re up to, but if I don’t think about it hard I can sort of imagine popping down to London and there they would be, walking into a club in Mayfair.

Oh well, I can dream.

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