Search Term Update and other stuff

It’s been a while since I did a round-up of interesting search terms people have used to find this blog, so I figured it was time to have another go.

“succubus porn” and related queries remains popular. To be fair, I guess if you mention succubbi then you’re asking for people to come looking for porn.

I’m really winning on reviews. My review of The Secret World has drawn various people here. I wonder whether they found what they wanted. My Iron Sky review also trigger a number of hits, but every single one of them was looking for pictures of Julia Dietze getting her uniform blown off in the airlock. I never knew so many people were into 1940s-era corset/garterbelts.

Finally, what has to be the most specific request I’ve seen: “young girl meeting an angel in heroic fantasy and deviantart”. Sometimes you have to wonder what the search engines are doing.

That was a random lunchtime post, but while I’m here… Eagle’s Shadow will be out this weekend and I’ll be posting up the cover art here tonight.

1 thought on “Search Term Update and other stuff

  1. There was once a leak of AOL search terms coupled with a UID number. Some people had some bloody weird searches. A list of them can be found with a simple web search over at a site with the initials S and A.

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