Eagle’s Shadow Teaser – Kate believes in Ceri

Kate Middleshaw, witch and detective, knows Ceri quite well. More after the cut…

With the full moon due on Tuesday, the Dragon had far more werewolves in it and they were getting far more boisterous. Not too bad yet, but it was still wise to have your hips on auto-evade. Ceri side-slipped her way past a table of Serpent pack males out on the prowl, heading for the bar with a tray of empty glasses. That was when she spotted Kate sitting on a stool chatting across the counter to Alec.

‘Evening, Detective,’ Ceri said as she put her tray down for Alec to clear. ‘Three red wines, Alec, table fourteen.’

The redheaded detective sergeant smiled. She was out clubbing, it seemed, dressed in a short skirt and a spaghetti-strapped tank top. ‘Evening, Ceri. How’s things?’

‘Y’know? Suspected of trying to assassinate the US’s head of state.’

‘I heard. I don’t see how they can even suspect you.’


‘I mean,’ Kate went on, ‘if you were trying to kill him, he’d be a pile of ash by now.’

‘Thanks, I think.’


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