Today we Celebrate our Independence Day!

Okay, so over here we don’t, but somewhere in the world a country is celebrating the day they said, “Hey England, we’ve given you lung cancer and high-starch foods, our work here is done! And by the way, we hate tea!” Our main concern was that we had lost a place to ship convicts to, but no worries, we discovered Australia and shipped them there.

In the Thaumatology universe, Britain is probably pretty happy they lost the American colonies considering what happened after World War II. Half the country is now owned by the native Americans who had a greater affinity for magic than the European interlopers. On the other hand, the US did get the bit of Canada that’s actually habitable and not full of monsters. There’s a lot more about the state of play in Thaumatology America in Eagle’s Shadow, which I’d have released today if I had an ounce of marketing sense.

A few other things that happened today back in time:

  • Chinese and Arab astronomers spotted a supernova in the area of Zeta Tauri in 1054.
  • The Treaty of Lancaster in 1744 grants Iroquois land to the British.
  • That declaration of independence happens in 1776.
  • West Point military academy is founded in 1802.
  • A year later, the Louisiana Purchase is announced.
  • In 1826 both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams die.
  • The year after that, the state of New York abolishes slavery.
  • In 1862 one Lewis Carroll tells a young lady named Alice a story and n the same day in 1865 that story is published as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
  • The Battle of Kursk began today in 1943; the largest full-scale battle in history.
  • And, in 2012, the announcement of the probable discovery of the Higgs Boson is announced at CERN.

If you’re celebrating July 4th, then have a great day. If, like me, you’re working… I empathise.


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