We are now a few days into the 2012 Olympics in London. (Actually, it’s not all in London, but I’d be surprised if most people outside the country realise that.) I just watched the first gold being won by Great Britain and once again something struck me: the hyperbole.

I could go on about how the Olympics is not what it used to be (and sound old), but I won’t. What is (and has) driving me nuts is the hype. Hype usually drives me nuts, but this is hype about what is supposed to be an amateur sporting event! What are we doing?!

The worst infraction I’ve encountered is the use of the word “historic.” Last week, every time I walked past a TV with commentary on the Olympics, someone was describing something as historic. Someone described it as a historic event when Sir Bruce Forsythe (an old game show host for those unaware) did a stint carrying the Olympic flame. What? How is that “historic”? And today’s medal win was “historic” because it was the first time Britain has managed to get a gold in women’s rowing. Huh? (Don’t get me wrong, these girls did fantastically well. They wiped the floor (lake) with the opposition. They deserve all the kudos they can get. But “historic”?)

Historic is 9/11. Historic is the elimination of smallpox. Historic is the moon landing or even the arrival of intelligent aliens (should that ever happen). Historic is not an old comedian running with a burning stick. Hype-culture is killing my enthusiasm for just about everything and I think it may be atrophying people’s brains.

Say No to the HyperbOlympics!

9 thoughts on “HyperbOlympics

  1. This post, more than any other, will go down in the annuals of history as a work of magnificience etched on the memory of the world, as being well and truely deserving of being granted the descriptive term ‘historic’. An ages-spanning triumph of will, thought and success by the author that will be ingraved in stone for a millenia.

    • Dwarf Tossing would be an event…

      In the Thaumatology setting, there are no Olympics. After the Shattering there was too much disruption and not enough inclination to restart things. The fact that there is not that much of the world left to enter competitors did not help.

      • Methinks Lily might have an unfair advantage. I could see her as a pundit though. Or a coach.

        “The GB team indomitable again on the mat, after a rigorous training regime by their coach, Lily Carpenter.”

        “Yes, you could say that the team have been going at it hammer and nails.”

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