Thaumatology Book News

I’m aiming to have Book 8, Ancient, out to Smashwords and Amazon by the end of the month, assuming I can come up with a cover for it by then. I’ve had some ideas, but nothing has worked out right yet. I’ll be dropping a few exerts here over the next few weeks and, of course, you’ll be the first to see the cover art when I finally do figure it out.

I have also settled on a title for Book 9. I just decided to go for it, so this is breaking news, or something like that. Thaumatology book 9 will be called Dragonfall. Make of that what you will. (That evil laughing noise you hear isn’t me, honest.)

As an aside, I already know what the cover for Dragonfall will look like, maybe because I’ve been working toward this one for nine months or so.

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