Ancient: Easter at the Jade Dragon

As promised, some exerts from the upcoming eighth Thaumatology novel, Ancient.


If you’ve read some of the other novels you’ll know that the waitresses at Carter Fleming’s premiere nightclub, the Jade Dragon, get put in special costumes for special events. Carter has quite a taste for body paint, but for Easter 2012 he has had a slightly different idea…

The full moon was in the sky outside the Jade Dragon and inside the werewolves were in high spirits. Being dressed as a rabbit was, perhaps, not the best thing under the circumstances, but Ceri was rather enjoying it.

Well “dressed” as a rabbit was probably the wrong term. The outfits were white; white six-inch, platform pumps, white push-up balconette bra, white satin, high-hipped thong with a little white puff-ball tail on the back, and, of course, white rabbit ears on a hairband. The four waitresses were basically naked rabbits dodging the paws of a bunch of horny wolves.

Still, there was a good atmosphere. It was a national holiday and people were out enjoying themselves. Boy were they enjoying themselves! The good humour of the werewolves seemed to be rubbing off on the humans more than usual, the drink was flowing freely. Carter was looking a little concerned that someone might get over-excited, right up until the point where Cheryl walked in in a pale yellow, halter-necked gown which flowed around her figure like water and left little to the imagination.

‘Business first,’ Cheryl said as Ceri walked up to the bar with a tray of empty glasses. ‘You know I’m going over to Amsterdam for a project meeting?’

‘Sunday, coming back Tuesday, right?’ Ceri replied.

Cheryl nodded. ‘I know it’s really short notice, but do you think you and Lily could come over with me? The Dutch project manager would like to meet you so he can talk over the ley line construction, and here’s a guide they’d like us all to meet.’

Ceri glanced at Lily, receiving a shrug in reply. ‘How would we be getting there?’

‘Car to Felixstowe, high-speed ferry to Rotterdam, train to Amsterdam.’

Ceri took in a deep breath. ‘I flew all the way back here from America on an airship, I can handle a few hours on a boat.’

‘Ship, Ceridwyn,’ Carter corrected. ‘They get annoyed if you call them boats.’

‘Whatever floats your boat,’ Ceri replied.

‘We’ll be there two nights?’ Lily asked.

‘Yes,’ Cheryl said. ‘Monday will be fairly busy, but we’ll be there from about seven pm on Sunday and we aren’t leaving until ten am on Tuesday.’

‘I wonder if Tawni has a contact number for Lia?’

Ceri grinned. ‘Probably. I’d imagine she’ll be happy to show us ‘round the town if she isn’t busy. I’ll call Tawni tomorrow.’

‘Business concluded?’ Carter asked.

Cheryl gave him a broad smile. ‘You’re driving us to the dock, yes?’

‘Indeed. I’ll pick you ladies up from High Towers at… around midday?’ Ceri nodded; that should work. ‘Excellent. Alec, wine for our lady.’

Grinning, Ceri turned to scan the room and immediately started across the floor. Table sixteen was looking ready for the next round, another six Wolfsbanes if she were any judge. Cranking her strut up to “high,” she headed out to satisfy their need.

Ancient will be hitting the stores this weekend.


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