It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry if I Want to

Actually, I won’t, though my eyes are watering a bit since I just got up. I intend to do nothing much today. I’ve had the lost week off work (more of a question of having too much holiday left than it was my birthday today) so I’ve got a lot of writing done on book 10. It’s coming together nicely. I may even have the bulk writing done before I go back to work if I try hard.

My friend, proofreader, and sanity checker, Ellen has written a little birthday meta-fiction over on her blog. Read it here:

If I’d known about the story, I’d have done a render of Lily in a cheerleader outfit, but I didn’t. I have, however, done a pin-up of Lily in her new pole-dance outfit, which you can see after the cut.

As usual, a full-size version is available over at

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