Progress Report – Release Dates

So, books 9 and 10 are basically written. I need to find about 5000 words to slide into book 9 before I’ll be happy with it, and I very heavily need to go through both books and make sure everything is tied together properly and all the dates make sense, and all the usual stuff that needs doing. However, my brain is going ga-ga right now so I’ve put things to one side to do some random writing projects before I loop back into Thaumatology land.

It’s late September and I’m planning to write book 11 for NaNoWriMo (or the bulk of it anyway). Book 11 is going to be the one which tells Twill’s backstory.

So, at this point I’m planning to release book 9 on December 8th and book 10 on December 22nd this year. As previously revealed, book 9 is going to be called Dragonfall. Book 10, which follows on tightly from the events of Dragonfall will be called The Other Side of Hell.

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