You Can’t Stop the Music

I have a drastically eclectic music collection. Seriously, you should see the playlists on my MP3 player. Rihanna, Sting, Beyonce, Evanescence, Within Temptation, the Pussycat Dolls, Disturbed, Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel… I don’t pick music for the genre or because of some dumb peer-pressure urge to feel trendy; if I like the lyrics or the sound it goes in my list.

And some of it influences what I write. Petite popular songbird, Rihanna has resulted in two short stories and gave me the title for a book. (Admittedly Chris Brown wrote it, but Rihanna made it famous.) Russian Roulette produced a short story about one of my City of Heroes characters, and Disturbia continued her story as she rescues someone who has discovered the big city has a dark side. Disturbia remains the theme tune for the dark underside of the Thaumatology universe.

Linkin Park… I’d love to write some more stuff based on their songs. New Divide gave me a three episode short story detailing the mental decline of a superhero. The imagery in the song was perfect for the idea I had had, and the idea had sprung from listening to the song. (Rihanna’s Russian Roulette spawned a story in the same sort of way.)

Book 10, The Other Side of Hell, started out as just “The Other Side,” a name taken straight from the Evanescence song of the same name. Evanescence (and Within Temptation, and Nightwish) produce evocative songs, wonderful inspiration material. With Evanescence I found their second album a bit of a disappointment (there’s about one song I enjoy listening to from it), but their third is really back in the land of the good stuff. You can find the lyrics for The Other Side here: The sentiment behind this is what kicked off the final form of book 10.

Book 9, Dragonfall, has a theme tune too, though I’d got the plot worked out and a lot of the book written before I was watching some old videos on YouTube and came across the Within Temptation video for Stand My Ground. Within Temptation are a Dutch band and maybe not so well heard of in the US, but well worth the listen if you like Goth Rock. (They’re more consistently good than Evanescence.) Stand My Ground is one of their older tracks, but an awesome anthem.

Book 11 has a theme too. Go see if you can find Storytime by Nightwish somewhere.

Character theme tunes; what do I think of when I think of music for my characters? You’d probably be a bit perplexed by that collection. Ceri and Lily share a Beyonce track, kind of the theme of their relationship, Sweet Dreams. Why? Just think back to the way they started and lay that against the chorus:

You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

Either way I don’t want to wake up from you.

Faran gets Bad Things, the Jace Everett track which a lot of people will know as the theme music from True Blood. Yes, True Blood is about vampires and Faran is an incubus, but just think about it… Seriously, if you’ve never heard it, look it up n YouTube and tell me that’s not Faran.

I haven’t thought much about the other characters. Anyone have any ideas for themes for the Thaumatology characters? I could do with some recommendations.

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Stop the Music

  1. I have Slovenian metal, Turkish rock, Finnish pop-rock, Swedish SID-Metal, and Japanese Hip-hop among others in my playlists. If yours is eclectic I shudder to think what mine may be.

    I’d share one of my lyrics suggestions with you, but it may spoil Book 10 so I’ll wait to do that later.

    I now look forwards more to book 11, seeing as Storytime is one of my favourite tracks from the newest Nightwish album.

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