Over here in Progress Land

I haven’t posted in what seems like ages. Sorry, I was at FantasyCon and then a wedding, and I’m trying to wind myself up for writing Book 11 as a NaNoWriMo project, and releasing Dragonfall and The Other Side of Hell in December.

Part of the wind-up process is a complete review of the 8 published Thaumatology books. It’s actually quite interesting going back to stuff I wrote (what seems like) ages ago. One of the joys of eBooks is that I can issue updated versions, and I plan to do just that. These updates will not have revisions to the plots or anything like that, but they will have the odd extra scene which adds to the existing story, and they will have more errors removed (yes, I still find typos in the manuscripts).

The first of these updates is going to be Thaumatology 101, obviously, and I’m hoping to put this out for Halloween. It will have a new cover, and the largest portion of extra detail comes in the form of more detail on how Ceri breaks free from Lily’s demon side in Part 2. Best of all, if you already own the book, you will be able to download the update at no cost to get more Ceri/Lily action.

I’ll be putting up a post when that update is available. Stay tuned.

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