Book 11 Title and NaNoWriMo

In another week, I’ll be head down working on my first ever probably successful NaNoWriMo entry. Why is this one going to be successful? Because I’m writing Book 11 of the Thaumatology series and I should be easily able to bang out 50,000 words in the month. That probably won’t wrap the whole book, but I may get more done and I should definitely have the first draft wrapped by Christmas.

One of the things NaNo sort of expects is a title, even if it’s a working title, I guess, so I have fixed on a one for book 11. It might change before publication, however, I rather like this one. So, subject to change, book 11 will be called For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll.

I also have a cover design for it, but I’m not revealing that for a bit. That would give far too much game away.


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