Superb Samhain

It’s that time again. The time when people think it’s cool to be scared and create silly little things to get with the scary programme. Even the canteen at work…

Yes, it’s a Halloween cupcake… What will they think of next?

Meanwhile, the second edition of Thaumatology 101 is available for download from Smashwords. If you already own it, it won’t cost anything. There’s a little extra material in there, as well as a few corrections. You can find it at Amazon users won’t be left out as soon as KDP finishes processing the files.

There’s also a new cover…

Enjoy. And have a good Halloween.

Addendum: Edition 2 is now available through Amazon too.


2 thoughts on “Superb Samhain

    • I wanted something a bit let spartan, and showing off the “science and magic” aspect, and stuff like that. I’m pleased with the way it’s worked out. (And Lily’s the one who made sure her stocking tops were showing. It’s nothing to do with me.)

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