NoNo/Book 11 Update

It occurs that I neglected to share the exciting news: Book 11 first draft wrapped the weekend just gone. On Friday, I think. I’m currently going over it to tidy it up before sending it off to my Sanity Checker.

One thing that has come out of doing this is that, frankly, NaNoWriMo is a lousy way to write a novel. Normally I’d be rethinking sections and going back over them as I write, rechecking, ensuring everything was right. NaNo kind of forced me to press onward. As a result I’m finding spelling errors I’d normally have seen (yes, with red lines under them from Word), missing words, grammar errors I should have seen. Plus, I know I need to rewrite several blocks based on rethinks later in the book. I’m not sure I’ll bother doing that again.

Coming soon: some peeks into books 9 and 10 which will be coming out soon!

2 thoughts on “NoNo/Book 11 Update

  1. Make sure it’s sent to me after this bloody NaNo thing is finished. It’s been interesting, don’t get me wrong, but from it I’ve learned that if the base isn’t good, then what’s the point of writing 50k words on it if you’re just gonna tear it down?

    I’ve gotten good feedback on Tranquil Law though, I’ve got a feel for the characters (including tribute to your own series in the form of tech wizard, no, ‘binary sorcerer’ Brent Carpenter) and I’m liking the setting.

    I look forwards to making sure that I don’t have to get you a fancy white jacket with odd sleeve designs for Christmas. 😀

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