It’s that time; time for the end of the world (well, maybe). Dragonfall, the ninth book in the Thaumatology series is now up on Smashwords and  Amazon.

  • Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/263192
  • Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AKV95XW
  • Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00AKV95XW

And here is a little hint of what’s to come:

Carter Fleming had a smile on his face. As usual he was dressed in an expensive, perfectly fitted suit which showed off his physique. His ash-blonde hair was perfectly coifed. He was a handsome man wearing his half-century very well, and he exuded confidence. His premiere nightclub, and the one closest to his heart, was full again after recent problems which had seen most of London shut down for more than a week, so business was good. The smile, however, was primarily because he had five attractive women around him and that always made him happy.

Aside from Cheryl on a bar stool beside him, and Ceri and Lily, there was Sasha and Tess, the other two waitresses. Each of the Dragon’s waitresses was dressed in a garment which could only loosely described as a dress; high-collared, sleeveless, with an open panel over the chest and a skirt which consisted of two short panels to front and back, barely long enough to be decent. Each had a different colour and pattern making each girl unique, and while Lily was the best waitress, each girl had customers who favoured them whenever they visited. The Dragon was noted for its attractive, professional, and exceptionally good staff. It was the place to be seen and on a night like this, not long after the full moon, when the werewolves were still a little too depressed for partying, the club had a plentiful supply of people who liked being seen; famous people, who left big tips.

That was even more true currently because the city’s vampires were keeping their heads down. There were a few of them in, but not the usual numbers. An Ancient vampire had come to the city only a couple of weeks earlier and caused what had almost been a full scale war. The older vamps had sided with the normals and the other supernaturals against him, but there was still a degree of bad feeling against the undead. The fallout among the normals was still working its way out too, but that was primarily an issue with the government, police, and army, not the general citizens.

Inside the Jade Dragon, however, ill-feeling was forgotten. The people there were there to have a good time, perhaps even more so considering they might have all died a couple of weeks earlier. Ceri had noticed it; people were drinking a little more, partying a little harder. There was a hint of the kind of attitude people had had in war time. Enjoy yourself now, because there might not be another chance.

‘You know,’ she said after coming back from a drinks run, ‘I think people are starting to think the world might end this winter.’

‘That Mayan calendar business?’ Cheryl asked. ‘I thought there was plenty of evidence that the date was wrong, and the Mayans didn’t think of things ending then anyway?’

‘Popular culture,’ Carter grumbled. ‘People prefer a good story to facts. And we have had a couple of close calls recently. The severe winter and the werewolves two years ago. Then last Samhain was the worst since the Shattering. Monsters crushing churches tends to make people think. The mass arrival of a horde of angels during the Witch Hunter business, and now the vampires going off the reservation.’

‘Put like that, it is a little apocalyptic.’

‘I’d have thought we deserved a bit of quiet after all that,’ Tess said.

‘It would be kind of nice to go a month or two without the world threatening to end,’ Ceri agreed, ‘or someone deciding to execute witches, or…’

‘Ghosts seeking vengeance through the power of a Fury?’ Lily suggested.

‘I think we’re starting to run out of threats,’ Ceri said, grinning.

Carter winced. ‘Don’t tempt Fate, dear girl. I don’t think I can stand the stress.’

‘Of course you can, Boss,’ Lily said, ‘you’ve got all that wonderful stress relief sitting beside you.’ Her eyes flicked to one of the tables. ‘Sasha, twenty-eight.’

The blonde smiled and started toward her table. ‘Thanks, Lil.’ One of the reasons the Dragon’s waitresses were considered so good was that they always seemed to know they were needed before they were asked. That was thanks to Lily.

‘Indeed,’ Carter said, ‘but my stress relief is rather busy at the moment, between the upcoming conference and this power generation project. Not to mention that she keeps discovering fundamental particles governing the world’s magic field. Has anyone confirmed the thaumino data, since we’re on the subject?’ Carter was a wizard, and a moderately good one. His magic was practical, but he was an intelligent man and understood at least some of what Ceri and Cheryl did. He had helped finance the research.

‘We’re hoping that the delegates from MIT may have an announcement to make at the conference,’ Cheryl said. ‘The last I heard they were close, but it was going to be right up to the wire.’ She glanced at Ceri. ‘Barclay Macbay is coming over for the conference.’

‘Maybe he’ll have some news about their generator project,’ Ceri said, nodding.

‘Oh yes,’ Lily said, ‘can we borrow a car Monday, Boss? Ceri wants to go look at Stonehenge again.’

‘The Range Rover?’ Carter asked without a second’s thought. ‘Or would you prefer the Aston?’

‘The Range Rover,’ Lily replied. ‘I’ll be too tempted otherwise and we want Ceri in a fit state to work when we get there.’ Ceri grinned at her; she disliked travelling, and in cars especially, but she was a lot better than she had been. ‘Besides,’ Lily added, ‘the backseat is much roomier in the Rover.’

‘I thought you were working,’ Carter said, a knowing grin forming.

Lily gave a little shrug and smiled. ‘Well, you know what they say about all work and no play…’

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