Some Thaumatology Concept Art

When I’m working on a book I render concept art to give me an image to fix on. My visual imagination is okay, but not great, so having something solid I can base descriptions on helps. In this case, I was working on The Other Side of Hell and wanted an image of Ceri and Lily on their trek through the Demon Realm.

(Image after the cut.)

OSoH Concept ArtThe full-size image is at


2 thoughts on “Some Thaumatology Concept Art

  1. 2 quick questions – where is ceri’s staff? and what is on her left leg? I thought it might be left over tail. It is on the cover shot also but there it looks to be flush with the material lace & hose.

    • I forgot to put her staff in when I did the render.

      I assume the (thing on her leg) is the flesh coloured strip? It’s flesh coloured because it’s flesh, there’s a “cut” in the fabric. I think the difference between the two images is down to perspective and render artefacts. The leg is flexed differently and your viewpoint is different.

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