That Next Book

I don’t even have a working title, but I’m working on the next Thaumatology novel, and I’ve got a (very preliminary) target date for release.

Expect to see Ceri and Lily strutting through your e-reader sometime around August 16th.

It’s been a while since I wrote them and I’m currently reading through some of the previous books to get my brain back in the zone. That’s never good; far too much “oh I wouldn’t have written that like that now.” Still, it’ll be fun getting back in touch with the girls.

13 thoughts on “That Next Book

  1. As I am just re-reading the whole series and enjoying it immensely,( especially the frequent kinky sex 😀 ), I ask you not to change your writing style too much! It’s a wrench to come to the end of a series and stopping hanging out with the characters you have grown to love. Yay! New book! Whoohoo!
    Do you think you will ever publish them in physical form? They really are very good.

    • I keep planning printed versions. It’s a lot of work, unfortunately. And I’ll try to keep the style the same. I don’t think it’s changing much anyway.

      • I hope you don’t go that route, as it will likely slow the rate you produce stories. I also can’t help but believe that having an editor will change your style, which I, for one, like just fine as is.

  2. I just bought the latest Aneka book (which Amazon didn’t notify me about–what’s with that?) but I have a special place in my reader’s heart for Ceri and Lil. The world-building, the plots, but especially the characters are wonderful. Please continue the series for many more stories.

    • Well, I’m reading over the last four books in the series at the moment (I just got through the Darkest Forest), and it occurred to me that the story of Ceri’s staff has yet to see the light of day. So that’s at least one more book at some point. I’m sure there’ll be more.

      • That’s awesome!!! After reading all the books several times, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that this series needs more books (not just one more), there’s too many things left to be told and many things open (Are all dragons really gone? What about the Order of Merlin: are they going to find out who the new Overlord is? And the British Government: they were really close to find out about Ceri, I’m sure someone else will get to the same conclusion at some point; what will happen then? And what about the sorcerer Ceri discovered in America? And the whole Demon Realm thing??? Ahhh!!!! There’s too much left!!!)

      • Well, the next book kicks off with the big conference Ceri is planning at the end of For Whom, so that’s the demons covered. Expect some surprise twists there. And several other of the things you mentioned will get at least some mention. Yeah, got a lot to do in this one.

    • They are.

      Tomorrow there might just be sneaky look at the new models I have for them, which might give a sneaky idea of what’s happening in the next book, which might have a title finally.

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