The New Look Overlord

As you know I’m writing the twelfth book in the Thaumatology series. It now has a name, at least a working one, and I suspect it’ll stay. Book 12 will be called Vengeance. Make of that what you will.

I’ve also been doing some remodelling on my two favorite fantasy characters. I’m not entirely sure I’ve got Lily down right yet. May need a little more work. Ceri, however, looks awesome. She’s come out looking a little like Lena Headey, which is just a perfect look for her. (No, I’m not a Game of Thrones fan; it didn’t occur to me that she was in it until I checked the spelling of her name.)

Since this is a somewhat risque render, I’ll reveal their new look after the break. And please let me know if you think Lily looks great and I’m just being paranoid.

The New Look Overlord

16 thoughts on “The New Look Overlord

  1. I can see what you meant about the jaw for Lily. Maybe filling it in some more and getting rid of the overbite would even her out.

    • Technically not an overbite, though I’m going to look into her teeth. She has fangs which tend to make her front teeth look odd when she’s smiling.

      Don’t know. Maybe I’ll see about rebuilding her from scratch. I did with Ceri and she turned out perfectly.

  2. The graphic (really can’t call it a photo) from “For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll” is still my favorite. I know we all appreciate the effort, but have you considered that you might be over-working this? The pose is great, if that’s any help.

  3. My absolute favorite render of Lily is the one where she’s laying on her side in demon form w/ tail.

    This one is good but Ceri’s eyes aren’t “glowing” like I’d imagine they would when they’re full on blue. Lily’s body is fantastic but her face/jaw need some work. It’s not that she has under bite, it’s that her upper teeth are showing too much, like its almost a sneer. I think it would look better if you could get it so that the points poke out over her bottom lip while at the same time she doesn’t look like shes baring her teeth. Kinda like this one:

    Lastly some eyeliner and other makeup for both imo (although… iirc Ceri doesn’t wear much if any and Lily naturally looks like shes wearing some or w/e).

  4. Ceri is perfect, just like I’d imagined her (specially the eyes, and the toned muscles). The staff is also great, very close to what I was thinking. I hope we’ll see more about it’s origin at some point (as you’ve mentioned before). About Lily: I agree with Joe about the teeth/fangs and the jaw; the rest is perfect.

    The image brings good news: Ceri’s using her dragon necklace (I hope she’ll never forget to wear it again); both Ceri and Lily still have their anklets; Lily seems to be having fun (that’s always a good thing). The working name of the book is kind of ominous though…

    I’m curious about Ceri’s bracelets and armlets. I know she has one bracelet that let’s her understand and speak devotik, but the ones she’s using look like a set. Are they something new? Or maybe I’m overthinking again…

    • Well, I’ve recast Lily and I’m happier with the result. The big reveal will happen later this week.

      As for the rest… (puts on evil grin)

      BTW, she has a bracelet which lets her read any human language and a ring that lets her speak Devotik. She is, however, learning Devotik the hard way because she’d prefer to understand what she’s hearing rather than just knowing what people are saying. Assuming that makes sense.

  5. this is not about the new image/graphic/picture. its something i thought about after rereading thaumatology, is ceri goin to have a dragon like lifespan or a more human one? what i gather from the books is that the dragons were/are basically immortal as long as the dragon realm and a sufficient thaumic field were present.

  6. I think she’s going to be immortal and so will Lily since she’s half demon and also metaphysically tied to Ceri. Ceri is very powerful by herself and continues to grow in strength. She is already comparable in power to her draconian ancestor when she permanently shape shifted to human. She also has the crown now which is metaphysically connected to an entire world. I don’t believe at this point Ceri will ever have to worry about dying of old age.

    I’m actually kinda curious if we’ll see Ceri shape shift into a dragon at some point in the far future.

    • shape shifting into a dragon would be pretty cool. but how would that affect her psychologically? because of her time as a wolf she thinks like a wolf to an extent.

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