A Bit of News

Well, it´s time to re-read all 11 books again! Book 12 is finally coming!!!

So, mrfg made the comment above, and I wanted to share some news which might be of interest.

Since I was talking to my wonderful proofreader, Kate, anyway, I broached another subject with her and she’s agreed, at least in principle, so I figure I can mention this. Kate is going to be going over all the books I’ve never sent her, hopefully finishing the lot by Christmas. So Steel will get an update, cleaned up and typo-free, but I’m going to do a slightly more thorough job on the Thaumatology books. Nothing gross is going to change. There may be a few corrections to dates which I’ve discovered don’t work (did a huge timeline of all the books before the latest and some things were a bit… off), there will be corrections of errors, and Devotik has developed a lot since it first got used properly in Legacy (I think). So I’ll be correcting my Devotik. I may do some new covers.

Thos who have already purchased the books on Smashwords or Amazon, should be able to get updates as soon as they come out (free!), and new readers will get nice, fresh, clean versions to read.

In the meantime, there will be Vengeance!

17 thoughts on “A Bit of News

  1. Great news indeed! I´ll still re-read them all just for a refresh of the whole thing (I still have Ugly and the last couple of Aneka books on my mind).

    Let me take the opportunity to ask this: in one of the previous books (I think it´s Ancient, or was it Dragonfall?), Ceri mentions that she thought she could replicate the Feeding process (basically, do the same as Lilly during sex), and Ceri promised to try it later; this never showed in any of the books, it wasn´t even mentioned as something done “off-scene”; did they actually try it or is it one of the things that got lost with the Dragonfall events and Ceri just forgot about it?

    I´ve been looking for some clue about it in all of the books, but haven´t found anything, and since you´re revisiting them, maybe it´s in your list (or maybe it could be a short story to be published in a third Anthology).

    • Fairly sure I never depicted it. (There’s enough sex in the books as it is! No? Just me then? Hmm…) Vengeance is pretty soon after Wedding Bells, so maybe Ceri hasn’t got around to trying it yet. Maybe it’ll crop up at some point. The next book takes place several months after Vengeance, so more room for interesting things.

      Also, by the end of Vengeance Lily has a new trick and also a new thing she wants Ceri to try out on her at some point. It’s all fun and games at High Towers.

  2. Just finished reading them all and I am hoping I’m right about who the Vengence is for since there were certainly a lot of tiny bits from several books leading up to it. Maybe a bigger role for the Detectives too? Seeing that vampire trash that has only been barely referenced get taken out would be awesome. Anyhow even the idea of covers being updated is great since you’ve done such a nice job on Aneka’s covers.

  3. I just recently read the entire 11 book set. I am glad that you are doing a review of the entire set. I may be an old (61) guy but I still do not like the typos and grammatical errors BUT I still loved the books. I hope I’m still around to read book 15 WHEN it comes out and am eagerly awaiting the next book (please hurry it up lol). I have also read UGLY and was a bit disappointed when I could not find a sequel to it. Now I found out that there is one in the works, thank you. I have all five of the Aneka books although I’ve only read the first two and a half (gonna finish them while waiting for book 12). Keep up the good work, I like your writings.

    • Glad you like them. I’m going to be 50 soon myself so don’t go calling yourself old! Young at heart is the important thing. Meanwhile, I’ve been wanting to get Kate to go over my first books for a while, and now seems like a good time. Working with a professional proofreader has done wonders for my writing, but it has turned me into a bit of a grammar-Nazi. Not that I don’t make mistakes, but I’m better than I was back when I wrote Thaumatology 101.

      • Thanks for your reply. I have really noticed a change in the Aneka series from the early Thaumatology books. I have read almost all of your books that are available on Amazon (I use a Kindle).

  4. Been a huge fan right from the start. I love the world(s) that you’ve created and eagerly await each book you’ve put out. Being from Fairbanks Alaska I get a lot of time to read, and I’ve gotta say your the first author to make me want to read every series you pen. Seriously I’ve thought on it and not even authors like David Eddings, Piers Anthony, or Raymond Fiest have done that. But being such an avid reader comes with a little downside in that I devour books fast. This makes me wonder when I can make a circle on my calendar for the release of book 12? Are we going to be seeing more of the Demon World as well? Seriously thank you for all the books you have and are going to write.

    • Book 12, Vengeance, should be out this Saturday, barring unforeseen circumstances. You will be seeing more of the Demon Realm, yes. Quite a bit more, actually.

      • Ok, seriously, where´s that damned Time Machine??? Alright… maybe if I focus on the job I should be doing right now time will pass a bit faster. 😀

      • I’d be grateful if readers could refrain from undergoing radical surgical procedures to avoid waiting for the next book. It’s back from proofing so it’s only a few more days. You can wait that long, right?

      • *sigh* well it’s true that a few days aren’t too bad. Guess we just have to spend the time well and catchup on the previous books.

  5. Can’t wait for vengeance! I’m excited because this is the first new book released since I started reading the series. Perfect timing too, I’m just finishing my sixth read through of the entire series.

  6. I’m re-re-reading ‘Vengeance’ and loving it. As usual, the follow-ups give time to ruminate about ramifications going forward not immediately apparent in the first reading. It seems (to this bourgeois business type) that the power systems should be making Ceri and Cheryl wealthy, and obscenely so once the new links come online. I’m also looking forward to how the English system deals with the most powerful individual on the planet: Duchess or outlaw? Definitely looking forward to coming books.

    • I’m not quite sure when the next one will be. I know what the plot is, but getting there is not so easy. When it comes to me, however, there should be a couple of them in fairly rapid succession because I think this next plot is going to be at least two books. And Ceri and Lily will be moving a little out of the spotlight, though you should still get to hear about them. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know who the new star is going to be.

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