Vengeance Is Mine!

And it can be yours too!

Okay, corny, but it’s out.

16 thoughts on “Vengeance Is Mine!

  1. Seriously, it had sold 9 copies on Amazon before I even knew it was available. Do you guys sit there all night with your fingers over the buy button?
    I’m not complaining, I’ll just try to be quicker if you are. 🙂

  2. I ‘swallowed’ it and forgot to eat, sleep or other not really necessary activities. Geeat wirkd building, nice character development and a whole set of possible new stages opened. I like it very much and I’m really curious how you will develop the world now that nearly everything is public knowledge about Ceri.

    I know it is difficult to spin the plot with so many players and locations. But you handled it great. Congratulations to a job well done. 🙂

    Waiting for more to come. 😉

  3. Finished it at about 2 AM today.
    Enjoyed it immensely, and looking forward to your next release – whatever it is!

    Unfortunately, I spotted a couple of editing issues
    1 When Hiffy is telling her story, she seems to be referred to as Ishifa once. This is either a name error or unclear punctuation, but I think it’s a name error
    2 Towards the end, there is a description of a new dress Ceri is wearing. It refers to chord straps, but I think cord straps would make more sense. (Thin rope, rather than a musical chord)

  4. Exquisite book. Many subplots went as I had imagined they might, but you always come up with something new and unique. Hiffy was expected, I knew Hildegaard would be back but did not envision her being an ancient. Brebam was expected, as was the survival of some dragon or other. Underwater demons were totally out of the blue, but logical as soon as they surfaced. I’m a little surprised that Lily’s dragon-proof armor wasn’t put to use again. Cheryl, Ceri and Carter should be making a profit from the power plant by now, too, shouldn’t they? Ophelia has turned into a fascinating character.

  5. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks!

    The whole idea of modernizing Hell is cool! Of course, the demons have lost a bit of their terrifying mystery, now that we’ve seen them in their native domain.

  6. I’ve just read through all the Thaumatology, and wow it’s such a great read.
    My favourite book is The Other Side of Hell, I would not have minded at all if the adventures of Ceri and Lil travelling through the demon realm would have been stretched out over a book or two.. or three… or ten. I knew it wouldn’t happen, but I was so hoping they’d be stuck there for a few year.

    While I also did enjoy Vengeance very much, I did miss the focus on Lilly a bit, she seemed to have been reduced to make cute comments. It felt she was being left behind or alone much more than in the other books, to the point of it feeling like Micheal was taking over the role her (while Lil is so much more interesting!). But that probably is just me being a Lilly fan.

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