The Big Update

So, I’m getting all the Thaumatology books proofread and reissued. Back before these things started making money I couldn’t really afford to have a professional work over my stories, but I’m a little bit of a perfectionist (not a really big one, but I hate putting out something which could be better), so now’s the time to get everything checked over.

Before I send them off, however, I’m doing a run through myself to correct the things I know will just need fixing anyway and to tweak a few things I know I need to correct. There’s a few bits of Devotik around that need correcting, and I think a few dates need tweaking. I’ve got as far as working through Legacy. Going back and rereading the old stuff is always fascinating, and it gives me ideas about future projects.

2 thoughts on “The Big Update

  1. Dear Mr Teasdale,
    Do you know how the second edition thing will work? Will they just download automatically amending our current ebooks? Will they be available for purchase as a “Second Edition”? Will the changes be dramatic or cosmetic? Will the original versions still be available somewhere? Will they be different enough to detect the difference? Will new cover art be included?

    • There are no dramatic changes planned. Mostly it’s a clean-up job, but there are some extended scenes or small additions. I am going to do some new covers, but probably not for all of them. If you buy from Smashwords you’ll be able to download the new edition for free. With Amazon it gets complicated: previous attempts to do updates have been a little random, but I think you should get an automated download of the new addition, or a notification that a free download is available.

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