A Couple of Halloween Pinups

I have to admit I’ve been sitting on these for a while, but now seems like a good time to share. Two pinups of Lily. The first… Well the shirt texture just screamed Lily when I saw it (and it turned out that the shirt itself is designed for models with… exaggerated features; it looks really crumpled on smaller breasts). The second is more of a Halloween shot and she looks so elegant in it. Anyway, enjoy.lily-pinup8 lily-pinup9

5 thoughts on “A Couple of Halloween Pinups

  1. Very, very nice! Thank you!
    I did think that another good pose would be Lily in the last dress, but with the mouth slightly open to show the fangs, for even more halloween effect.

  2. Duh-amn! There went my concentration for the night. I’ve always gone for the intellectual look, but you’re making me rethink that.

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