The Blog Debate – Fantasy Edition

I now have three blogs related to my stories and me. There’s this one, Steel Beneath the Skin, and Witches and Ray-guns. The original idea was to keep the sci-fi and fantasy series separate, and I wanted a blog for ‘other things.’ However, I admit it would be easier to handle things if they were all in the same place, and it’s confusing to some, so here’s the bit where I ask your opinion.

If I merge the blogs everything will move to Witches and Ray-guns. I will continue to put links here whenever I am releasing a Thaumatology book for a while, but the aim will be to stop that at the end of this year. If you’re not a fan of my sci-fi stuff you’ll get more announcements about books you aren’t interested in, but I’m not especially loud so I hope that won’t be a problem.

Does anyone think this is a terrible idea and will hate me to the end of days for doing it?

11 thoughts on “The Blog Debate – Fantasy Edition

  1. It would be much easier to everyone to keep everything in one blog (i didn’t even know you had witches and rayguns-blog) and separate everything with tags.

  2. No, please merge the blogs. It’s a lot easier to keep track of things and I (and probably most of your readers) read all your work, not just specific genres.

  3. One blog would be fine with me since i check all three in sequence before returning to Thaumatology. Please consider just adding pages to witches and ray guns so as not to lose any of the continuity. Also for readability, the Thaumatology blog is best followed by Steel and Witches is hardest for me (Typeface and Background color).

  4. If you keep the webaddresses, can’t you just redirect to the one you want to keep? Maybe include a selection for the blogposts.

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