Ugly Reality

Yeah, so this weekend my next book, Ugly, is coming out. It’s a superhero novel, which is an odd topic for a fantasy blog, but then I guess superheroes are as much fantasy and sci-fi. Anyway, more details coming soon.

In other news, I wrapped the main text on Vengeance and set it aside for a bit to breathe. Last night I started my first read-through; in this case because I new there were tweaks I wanted to make before giving it a proper break prior to the first main edit. It’s still on track for August, I’ve even got a slot booked with Kate for proofreading.

Meanwhile I needed a little break so I put down a marker for the next Thaumatology book (yes, the next one’s in the works already, though it’ll be several months before it sees print), and then I had an idea smack me between the eyes… and Reality Hack was born. I’m going to have some trouble classifying this one: it’s urban fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and the erotic element is a bit more explicit. I think it might make it out into the light of day though. So far the characters are working for me and that’s always a good sign.

They Toll For You!

Wedding Bells Cover

For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll, the eleventh Thaumatology novel, is now available on Smashwords and Amazon. As usual, there’s a coupon for 50% off for the first week at Smashwords; the code is TY72J to be used at checkout.

I hope you enjoy it; this will be the last story about Ceri and Lily for a while. There’s still plenty of things to write about them and their world, however, so there may well be more in the future.

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The Other Side of Hell

The tenth book in the Thaumatology series, The Other Side of Hell, is now available on Smashwords. Use coupon code DL66G at the checkout for a discount valid until Boxing Day.

(Amazon now has it listed too.)

The Other Side of Hell – The Beginning

Tomorrow The Other Side of Hell is going out to Smashwords and Amazon (assuming the world doesn’t end between then and now), and I thought I’d share the start of it with you before then…

Ceridwyn Brent opened her eyes and let out a soft, contented sigh. The beautiful half-succubus in her arms shifted slightly at the sound and Ceri reached a hand up to stroke Lily’s soft, chestnut hair. Lily’s warm skin felt wonderful against Ceri’s, just like always. Lily’s demonic powers were fuelled by an internal thaumic reaction which gave off heat as a side effect. Sleeping against Lily was like having the sexiest hot water bottle in the world in bed with you.

The sun was blazing in through the window; it looked like a beautiful day. It had been quite cool recently, but it looked so nice out that Ceri decided they should do something, go somewhere. The zoo, perhaps. Her parents had taken her there many times when she was a child and she had not been since. They could drop in and see whether the Regents Park werewolves were about; they tended to congregate just outside the zoo’s fence and they had not seen Catherine, their Alpha, in a while.

‘What do you think, Lil? Fancy a trip to the zoo?’

Lily shifted, turning over and smiling. She had a cute sort of face with high cheekbones and a small, upturned nose. Her skin was a flawless, creamy white; so smooth. Her smile showed a lot of white teeth, and a pair of fangs. Being part demon had some odd expressions on the physiology.

‘I can’t, Ceri,’ Lily said, her voice soft, almost consoling. ‘You know I can’t.’

Ceri pouted. ‘But it’s a beautiful day, and we don’t have anything else to do.’

Lily reached out a hand and stroked Ceri’s cheek. ‘I can’t go out with you, Ceri. This is just a dream you’re having. I’m dead.’

Ceri felt her heart sink. Suddenly Lily’s hand on her cheek was icy cold. ‘No,’ she whispered. The world seemed to twist around her, the sunny room falling away and taking Lily with it. She was awake, strong arms encircled her and she fell into them, sobbing uncontrollably against Michael’s shoulder.

It was true. Lily had been dead for three weeks now. She had died saving Ceri, and the planet. But Ceri did not care about the planet, all she cared about was that her best friend was gone forever.