The Tentacle Incident

The Tentacle Incident


After this incident, Lily was banned from wearing any form of Japanese schoolgirl outfit to costume parties in the Demon Realm.

(I saw this costume, and it had to be done.)


Johnny Depp Stole My Brain


On Monday evening, I watched Dark Shadows, the Depp movie featuring dark humour and a lot of actors I like. I have to say, I’d hoped I would enjoy it more, but it did make me chuckle several times. That, however, is not why I’m posting.

No, ever since then I have been waking up with Karen Carpenter belting out Top of the World going through my head. I want it gone! I’m going to go funny (funnier than usual) if this keep up.

“Out tiny songstress!”

Awesome search terms… again


Today’s awesome search term is “porn sites to attract a succubus”. Which is totally wrong thinking because succubi are quite capable of generating their own porn. They don’t need no steenkin’ Internetz.

On another note, people are still looking for Julia Dietze in her underwear, and reviews of The Secret World. I have to do more reviews. They really attract the visitors.

Search Term Update and other stuff

It’s been a while since I did a round-up of interesting search terms people have used to find this blog, so I figured it was time to have another go.

“succubus porn” and related queries remains popular. To be fair, I guess if you mention succubbi then you’re asking for people to come looking for porn.

I’m really winning on reviews. My review of The Secret World has drawn various people here. I wonder whether they found what they wanted. My Iron Sky review also trigger a number of hits, but every single one of them was looking for pictures of Julia Dietze getting her uniform blown off in the airlock. I never knew so many people were into 1940s-era corset/garterbelts.

Finally, what has to be the most specific request I’ve seen: “young girl meeting an angel in heroic fantasy and deviantart”. Sometimes you have to wonder what the search engines are doing.

That was a random lunchtime post, but while I’m here… Eagle’s Shadow will be out this weekend and I’ll be posting up the cover art here tonight.

How to Make a Fortune Selling Ebooks!

I figured it out, though it may be too late. The bandwaggon may have sailed, to mix a metaphore or two. Yes, I figured out the ultimate way to make money writing ebooks and I want to share it with everyone so they can join in too! Here’s the secret:

  • Write a book which explains how to write and distribute an ebook on Amazon.
  • Put it on Amazon for about $2.99.
  • Profit!

I doubt you need to know how to actually write a book, or create an ebook, or market it successfully, but you should have a title which suggests you do. From the explosion of these on Amazon, it seems to be a great way to con people out of make money, so let’s all get in there and write a book!

What? Yes, actually, I am a cynical old man. Now git offa ma lawn!

Lily – Easter Bunny of the Year

Another seasonal holiday and, well, I just felt Lily should get dressed up as a rabbit. It’s traditional, right? Unfortunately, she had to hold that pose for hours and she was, a little miffed with me by the end of the session. I promissed her an Easter egg and I think I might have got away with it.

The larger version of this render is available here: