The World of Thaumatology

The Thaumatology series is set on an Earth which is similar to ours, but there are a few fundamental differences. As part of an introductory series to the books, I thought I’d outline a few things about the world they are set in.

The most fundamental difference between our world and theirs is that magic and the supernatural are very real there. Walking down the street, the stranger tipping his hat to you might be a vampire or a werewolf. The universities teach cryptozoology, pure and applied wizardry, alchemy, and thaumatology alongside the course on physics and media studies. However, it was not always so. A series of events at the end of World War II resulted in the amount of thaumic energy in the world increasing from the barest of trickles to a steady, active, level. Magic which had not worked for fifteen centuries began working. Demons, monsters, things from nightmare and legend, flooded out of cracks in the world. The political map was rearranged forever.

The countries which fared best from The Shattering were those isolated from the main event sites by salt water or distance. Great Britain (they dropped that United Kingdom business in ’49) is still great, Australia achieved a balance between natives and immigrants, China was saved by the return of their Great Dragons. The United States is a divided country, the west reclaimed by the native tribes and the east recovering from years of depression. Most of Europe never recovered from the destruction the Shattering brought and Japan is still the home of demons and monsters.

And there are some other differences, like technology. No one put those GPS satellites up in orbit, but cars have magical navigation systems instead. The latest in computing technology uses runes fabricated onto silicon to create quantum superposition effects; magic quantum computing!

So, it’s a bit of a strange world, but not as different as all that. People are the same as here, except for some who can work magic, and some who aren’t even human.